Monday, August 14, 2006

New brew--Nimbostratus Munich Dunkel

On Thursday, 8/10, we brewed our first Munich Dunkel (dark lager), which we're calling Nimbostratus Munich Dunkel. While the name was chosen beforehand, it was appropriate because we got two inches of rain during the boil. We managed to use our patio umbrella to protect the wort (for the most part). We overestimated the boil-off (starting with 7 gallons of wort for an intended 5.5 gallon batch), which left us at an O.G. of 1046, a bit shy of our target of 1053. Next time we'll go with 6.5 gallons pre-boil.

Pitching with a 750mL yeast starter around 10:30pm, fermentation was vigorous by 6am the next morning. At that time got the carboy into the chest freezer at 60°F, dropping the temp 5°F each of the next two days to a fermentation temperature of 50°F. Will up temperature to 65°F for diacetyl rest when gravity hits around 1025-1028.


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