Thursday, May 21, 2009

If you're thinking of pledging my beard... it now! Here's the deal:

As I've mentioned several times before on this blog, I'm participating in the Chicago Blackhawks Beard-a-thon (that's me to the left rockin' the beard at Beerfly Alleyfight this past weekend; for more on the Alleyfight, check out the last paragraph of this post). Well, with the Hawks a mere two games away from elimination at the hands of the dastardly Detroit Red Wings, the Hawks are trying to get one last fundraising push so they're offering four tickets to a game next season to whoever raises the most money between noon central today (Thursday) and noon central tomorrow (Friday). Since I can only do it with your help, I'll be selecting one random person who donated (and a guest of their choice) to attend said Hawks game with my wife and I. I know, you'll be stuck next to me, but I promise to shower. Oh, and if you're not local I suppose I'll just have to send you out a nice beer package.

The Beard-a-thon continues as long as the Blackhawks are in the playoffs, so if you're reading this after noon central tomorrow (Friday) you can still donate (unless you're reading this after the Hawks either get eliminated or win the Cup, in which case it's too late). However, the big push is to raise money by 12pm central tomorrow, so if you want to donate do it now. I've already jumped from $602 to $822 since noon... it would be awesome to cross the $1000 threshold by the time the clock hits twelve tomorrow. Once again, you can donate here.

On a side note, I know I owe you an update from Beerfly Alleyfight (no, Señor Brew , I'm not ignoring you). I've been wanting to do a long post with lots of pictures but have been too busy getting ready for our Scotland trip. However, since I'm not sure when I'll get around to that, I'll just note that we didn't win but had an awesome time once again and our beer and food and artist (the awesome Naomi Ashley) were all well-received. Stay tuned for more.


Blogger Dawnie said...

Dude, the beard looks FANTASTIC.

8:37 AM, May 22, 2009  

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