Monday, August 14, 2006

On tap right now...

So, I've hatched a plot to convert our lagering fridge into a four-tap kegerator, which I'm hoping to unveil at this year's Oktoberfest party. In the meantime, our kegged beer is sharing time between our lagering fridge out in the garage and our temperature-controlled fermenter/chest freezer in the basement. Anyways, here's what's on tap at the Chibe Gasthaus right now:

Gust Front Leipzig-Style Wheat
This is our first crack at a Leipziger Gose, a slightly soured, unfiltered wheat beer brewed with coriander and salt. It sounds weird but it is incredibly drinkable--similar to a Belgian Wit (Blue Moon, Hoegaarden, etc.). 5% ABV. On tap in the garage.

Imperial Oatmeal Maple Whiskey Stout
Brewed on St. Patrick's Day 2005 by our homebrew club, HOPS!, this beer is NOT for lightweights. After being aged in a whiskey barrel, I stabilized the yeast and added fresh maple syrup before kegging it. Think of it as an after-dinner ale. 10% ABV. On tap in the basement.

Not sure what we have up our sleeves next. We're planning on brewing four different beers for our Oktoberfest party (which we've already started with our Nimbostratus Munich Dunkel). Ideally, we'd like to brew once before then for our own consumption, but that's a lot of brewing, especially with a newborn baby and me starting my job in September.


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