Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Altbier update

I kegged the Altbier on Sunday. The good news is it seems to have attenuated well (down to 1011, just a hair below my target FG) and there don't seem to be any off-flavors. The bad news is, upon tasting it, I realized that I never scaled down my bittering hops from the original 5 gallon recipe to the 3.5 gallons I actually yielded. The result? One bitter Altbier. I'm talking citrusy, IPA-level bitter (despite the fact that I used Northern Brewer hops for bittering and not some Northwest U.S. grapefruity hop). It's a must-drink for any hophead out there. Too bad I'm not really a hophead myself, but it's definitely interesting. And, while it's not what I was going for, it's a unique and drinkable mistake, which is part of the fun of homebrewing. I still think next time I might go for a little more malt, but it's hard to say with all those hops! I think it will be interesting to see if the bitterness mellows at all with the cold conditioning and carbonating. My experience has been that the flavor/aroma hops are more likely to subdue than the overall bitterness, but oh well.


Blogger Adam said...

Hmmmm...this sounds like something I'd really like. Altbier is my favorite style and I'm always up for something a little amped up.

I think you'll find it will taste better with age. With all those hops it should keep for a while too.

10:40 AM, October 29, 2007  

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