Friday, April 09, 2010

Let there be Alt! Tonight!

I just go the word yesterday that Metropolitan I-Beam Alt (for which I did some heavy lifting) will make its debut to the drinkers of the world tonight! The best part is it will be available at a special event featuring ALL of Metropolitan's beers including their awesome Baltic porter and their hopefully-as-awesome (I haven't even tried it yet) Maibock. Those last two are extremely rare (only ten gallons of each were brewed) and were made especially for the Craft Brewers Conference which is being held in Chicago right now.

The event starts at 7pm at Jake Melnick's near the Water Tower in the River North area. Doug and Tracy from Metro will be there and I'm sure some other brewers will be stopping in from time to time as they're ALL in Chicago right now. Yay beer!


Blogger Mark said...

I want more!

10:05 PM, April 13, 2010  
Blogger Hunington said...

Just finished listening to Tracy and Doug talk about their brewery on The Brewing Network's show. They were talking about the origins of their beers, but alas, neglected to mention Russ "Altmeister" Chibe when discussing the I-Beam. What the heck? I think it's a great back story, given your dedication to the style, your thorough research, and your obvious obsession with creating the perfect Alt experience. Just exactly the kind of back-story that would make any microbrew enthusiast want to try their beers. If you ask me, they missed a grand opportunity.

7:29 PM, May 18, 2010  
Blogger Russ said...

They've been running themselves ragged lately so I'll cut them a little slack. ;-) Seriously though, given the popular response to the beer thus far they may have plenty of opportunities to discuss the humble homebrewing roots of I-Beam in the future!

4:44 PM, May 19, 2010  

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