Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Novemberfest Line-up

Here's what'll be on tap at Saturday's Novemberfest party:

Step Leader Hefeweizen – This is a classic Bavarian wheat beer is popular with both beer geeks and un-geeks alike. A favorite since the very first Novemberfest back in 2004, it’s light and refreshing with hints of banana and clove. Feel like you’re in Munich without ever leaving Chicago!

Hoar Frost Oktoberfest – Perhaps we should call it a Novemberfest beer rather than an Oktoberfest beer because it’s not exactly true to the style. Unlike a traditional Oktoberfest Maerzen, this beer was brewed in the steam beer tradition, leaving it with a unique clove flavor in addition to the bready, toasty flavors associated with Oktoberfest beers. Ein Prosit!

F5 Altbier – For those who like their beers hoppy, this amber-colored Duesseldorf-style ale is as good as it gets. But F5 Altbier isn’t a one-trick pony; it also has a subtle but complex malt profile with hints of sweetness and roastiness resulting from the liberal use of Munich malt. This style may be virtually non-existent here in the States, but there’s a reason this ale continues to flourish in the North Rheinland region while lagers have taken over everywhere else.

Swearengen’s Old Tyme Root Beer – I don’t understand it, but on occasion some people choose to drink beverages other than beer. As such, we’re proud to offer Swearengen’s Old Tyme Root Beer. Heavy on the brown sugar and vanilla with a hint of maple syrup, Al Swearengen himself would be willing to serve it at the Gem Saloon if it had been around back then.


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