Sunday, May 30, 2010

"And if you've noticed, I ain't said sh*t for a couple minutes now."

Getting housekeeping done is so much easier while watching Fear of a Black Hat (from which the subject of this post is taken). If you've never seen it, rent it NOW. Anyway, a few housekeeping notes. First, we recently ran out of our Mr. Kim's Secret Microbrew and replaced it with our 59° Fahrenheit Maibock. Prior to tapping the Maibock, our kegerator was actually without a German-style beer for the first time ever. Leah took a picture to document the event:

Anyway, a few beer-related tasks I've knocked out over the past few days that I should note for my records... First, I kegged the Roggenbier on Thursday night. The gravity at that point was 1015. I let it sit a couple days and then primed it today with 1/2 cup corn sugar. Based on the fizz when I opened the keg today, I'm going to guess that it dropped two more points (really scientific, right?) so I'm calling the final gravity 1013. The Roggenbier is conditioning in the Nahasapeemapetilon keg.

Also, I cleaned three kegs today. The Hutz, Frink and Wiggum kegs are all nice and shiny; they'll just need a quick rinse with some sanitizer and they'll be ready to go.

Finally, I have some exciting news from Beerfly Alleyfight (though, sadly, it does not involve Leah and I winning) but I want to get some more cleaning done so that will have to wait for another day. Yeah, I'm a tease...


Blogger Señor Brew™ said...

What? No posts about the Hawks? Are you trying not jinx them or something?

11:38 PM, May 31, 2010  
Blogger Russ said...

I've got an idea, but I'm waiting until the playoffs are over. ;-)

10:25 AM, June 01, 2010  

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