Thursday, June 10, 2010


Back in September of '06, Leah and I brewed our S.O.B. ESB, named in honor of then-Chicago Blackhawks owner Bill Wirtz. Who would have imagined that just under four years later the very same Chicago Blackhawks would hoist Lord Stanley's Cup???!!!

In honor of this momentous occasion (49 years in the making), I'm planning on brewing a Stanley Cup Coffee Stout. Here's the trick... I'd like to use espresso beans from roasters in each of the cities the Blackhawks went through in their quest for the Cup (for non-hockey fans, that would happen to be Nashville, Vancouver, San Jose and Philadelphia). Since it's really about the symbolism, a handful of beans sent in a business-sized envelope will do. Hell, they don't even have to be espresso beans. Anyway, I'll be in Philly next week so I think I'll be able to take care of that city myself, but if anyone in Nashville, Vancouver or San Jose happens to read this (and yes, I realize this is a long shot) and is willing to help me out, shoot me an email at rchibe @t gmail d0t c0m.

In the meantime, I'd just like to state one more time... THE BLACKHAWKS ARE STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger Barry M said...

I dunno. I reckon they need a bigger cup :D

2:50 AM, June 10, 2010  

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