Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hose info

Anybody out there reading this, you can file this post under "stuff that is not remotely interesting to anybody else but Russ needs to put on the record for future reference."

Anyway, I'm going to be replacing the hoses in my brewery so I figured I'd record the dimensions so I know exactly how much to order in the future. Here it goes...

3/8" thermoplastic tubing:

Kettle to pump: 3'
Pump to valve: 1.5'
Valve to chiller: 3.25'
Valve to HLT: 6.25'
Total: 14'

3/8" clear high-temp tubing:

Chiller to carboy: 3'
HTL to mash tun: 2'
Total: 5'

That is all.


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