Monday, August 28, 2006

R.I.P. Gust Front Leipzig-Style Wheat

The Leipzig-Style Wheat (a.k.a. Leipziger Gose) is no more, unless you want a half-glass of "beer" that's mostly yeast and trub. Our next brew will likely be our first shot at an ESB. I'm not a huge fan of English beers (in fact, this will be the first English style we will have brewed, except for a stout which most people think of as Irish anyway), but I had a Fuller's London Pride the other week and I guess it inspired me.

Our Nimbostratus Dunkel is lagering away at 35°F and I'll probably carbonate it in three weeks or so. Next up Oktoberfest-wise is our Weizenbock. Mmmmmm...


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