Sunday, October 01, 2006

Brew day: Step Leader Hefeweizen

Beer #3 for our Novemberfest party (yes, we decided to go with Novemberfest instead of Oktoberfest because October is so busy) was brewed today. It was our extract-with-grains Step Leader Hefeweizen, always a crowd pleaser. Nothing too exciting to report; it's a pretty straightforward recipe. The only changes were we added a little bit of flavor hops and we reduced the boil to 45 minutes to keep the color light. Our original gravity was 1053.

We also kegged our Cloud-to-Ground Weizenbock, though we didn't add bottling sugar yet (first we have to bottle three bottles for the Queen of Beer competition).

Finally, I took our final gravity reading for the S.O.B. ESB. For the record, it was 1016, which gives us an ABV of 5.6%.


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