Saturday, September 23, 2006

A post about ice cream... and beer, of course

About a year ago Leah and I were brewing and we had some leftover dry malt extract. That evening we went to Lindy's Chili & Gertie's Ice Cream, where Leah got a chocolate malt. Suddenly I had an idea... what if we made a chocolate malt using the dried malt extract? We tried it, and it was delicious! But then I had a better idea... what if we took a little bit of wort from our beer (before adding the hops, naturally) and reduced it to a syrup to use to make a chocolate malt? My dream is to one day own a brewpub, and I think it would be cool to sell malts made from the wort of specific beers (e.g. Weizenbock Chocolate Malt; Saison Strawberry Malt, etc.).

So, you probably know where I'm going with this. Last week, after Leah and Marta brewed our weizenbock, I stole a couple cups of wort and threw it in our fridge. Tonight I ran out to the store, picked up some vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup, and busted out the wort. Here's what I did:

1. I poured the wort into a sauce pan and reduced it to 50% volume (not sure what the gravity is, but I have some left so I might take a measurement later).
2. I added 1/4 cup of the wort/malt to three scoops of ice cream plus a little milk and chocolate syrup.
3. I blended it.

It was awesome. I'd really encourage other brewers to try it. Oh, and if any brewpub owners are reading this and decide to steal the idea for their place, that's cool. I only ask that I get a free malt as a thank-you (you can email me at rchibe [@t] gmail [d0t] com). Anyway, just wanted to get this down (specifically the amount of wort used) for future reference before I forget.

In other news, I heard back from the Schooner people and it turns out that, unlike last year, our Best Of Show recipe will not be brewed at a brewpub. I'm kind of bummed, especially since I already called our friends in Wisconsin and told them that it would be brewed up there, but the bottom line is it's still awesome to win Best Of Show, and any prizes are just icing on the cake.


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