Monday, September 18, 2006

Ceiling Update

Just in case you've ever wondered what a ceiling covered with partially fermented weizenbock-bits looks like, here it is:

Beer Explosion V2.1

On the plus side, very little got on the new HDTV. Also, it's a bit better than when our mini keg exploded a few years ago. That didn't spew bits onto the ceiling, it geysered (is that a verb?) onto the ceiling. You can see the carnage in the following picture.

Beer Splatter

Sad. But for that one, we didn't so much clean it up as we, um, moved. Now that we own our house I suppose we should clean.

However, there is no mess large enough to overpower cute baby + dog pictures. Bwah ha ha ha!

Ogie and Dorrie

Ogie kissing Dorrie


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