Thursday, May 22, 2008

Beerfly Alleyfight Recap

Last year we did the first Beerfly Alleyfight and loved it. So this year we signed up immediately when the call went out for 10 homebrewers to create a beer/food pairing. The beer and food then gets paired with a local artist (The art is anything artsy - painting, pottery, dance, video, photography, improv, etc.), and the people who come get to drink the beer, eat the food pairings, and check out the art. They then vote on their favorites and everyone enjoys a little friendly competition.

The organizers requested Belgian styles this year, so we made a Belgian dark ale (we started with Chimay Blue and went from there) and paired it with roasted sweet potato slices topped with banana salsa.


We got a ton of compliments on the pairing. People really loved it. And, sadly, we ran out two hours before the end of the event. We were told to make 70 samples, made 80, and needed probably 100. It was crazy. But we were thrilled people liked it, and that we had such success creating the salsa recipe.

We were paired with a videographer who made an absolutely hysterical video that won for Best Art.


Everyone who came seemed to have a great time. It is the perfect balance of mellow camaraderie and friendly competition.

If you're interested, more pictures are here.

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