Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why does my car smell like beer, you ask?

A cautionary tale...

Yesterday afternoon I attended AleFest in Chicago. I was a little disappointed that more brewers didn't bring rare or unique selections from their cellars, especially at $40 a pop, but I did get to try a few great beers (Doug and Tracy at Metro had an excellent Kölsch and the brewer at Rock Bottom Warrenville was pouring a Roggenbier--a really obscure German style I had never had the pleasure to try before yesterday). Oh, and if the brewer from M.T. Barrel's (I'm blanking out on his name) happens to read this by chance, here's proof that Larry--not Curly--was the Stooge who wasn't brothers with Moe and Shemp.

Anyway, I had to head straight from AleFest to a Chicago Composers Forum barbecue way up on the North Side. We were bringing what was left of our Cocoa Puffs Stout, so Leah threw the corny keg in the back seat next to our daughter (don't worry... she couldn't reach the tap) before picking me up. Once we got to the barbecue, I got Dorrie out of her car seat, handed her to Leah, and then reached over Dorrie's car seat to grab her diaper bag (which was on the same seat as the corny keg). When I walked around the car to grab the corny keg, beer was shooting EVERYWHERE, especially into Dorrie's now-vacated car seat. Turns out, when I grabbed the diaper bag, the strap hooked on the cobra-head tap and actually flipped the plastic lever over. While you ordinarily have to squeeze down the lever to dispense the beer, it turns out if you flip it over the tap stays open. So the end result is that our car reeks of beer, which will be awesome should I get pulled over. Needless to say I didn't drink AT ALL at the barbecue and drove home VERY carefully.

So, moral of the story is, just take the damn tap off all together when you're driving with a corny keg. Well, unless you want your car to smell like beer, I suppose.


Blogger craft beer's obsequious minion said...

I can just imagine how Dorrie may have reacted had she still been in the seat - in a shower of beer.

12:59 PM, July 14, 2008  

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