Sunday, February 15, 2009

Still no baby...

...but we do have a new review over at Chibebräu Wine. That's almost as exciting, right?

In the meantime, a couple other quick updates. The F5 Altbier is no more. I'm gonna have to brew up another one soon. In its place we tapped the keg of Dunkelweizen, although I don't want to taste it until we crack open the 750-mL bottle that will accompany us to the hospital. Also, I'm thinking of brewing our Road House Red next weekend so it will be ready for the South Side Irish Parade which is March 15 this year. It may be wishful thinking, as we'll presumably have the baby by then, and Saturday I'm judging the Reavis High School Battle of the Bands (and I really want to go to Sausagefest earlier that day, though that's looking more and more doubtful). Anyway, we'll see how everything shakes out.

Finally, on a completely non-beer-related note, a friend of mine has never heard the band Ween before so I made her a mix cd (yes, I'm one of those guys). If there's a harder band to capture in sixty minutes than Ween--a band that can effortlessly go from this to this to this--I'd like to hear them. And just to bring it back to beer, I'll note that Ween apparently has fans over at Short's Brewing, as they feature a seasonal beer called "Bananas and Blow" (explanation here) that I hope to try the next time I head up to the inlaws.


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