Saturday, September 12, 2009


Stuff that will likely be of no interest to anybody but Leah and I:

Given the increased brewing output lately, I have lots of kegs floating around so I figured I should get info on the record about what's in what.

The Oktoberfest I filtered last week is in the Frink keg. The other keg in the fridge (I forget which one offhand) is the unfiltered Oktoberfest.

The Altbier brewed with WLP320, which was kegged last week, is currently in the Lovejoy keg. As of today it's at 1014, which I would assume is its final gravity. The Altbier brewed with WLP036, which I kegged this morning, is in the Nahasapeemapetilon keg. Curiously, it's still at 1020 so I'm hoping the transfer, and the warming up to room temp, will help it finish out in a week or so. The Lovejoy Altbier keg will have to sit at 60°F for another week until the Gose is done fermenting. Never thought I'd run out of storage space, but the kegerator is full, the garage fridge can only fit two kegs when carbonating (since I need room for my large CO2 tank), and I can't drop the chest freezer down to lagering temps when I have a carboy of Gose in there, so I can't condition the Alt just yet. Oh well.


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