Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Formed a blog; we formed a blog. Look at us! We formed a blog.

Okay, so we started the blog a long time ago, but given that I've neglected it for the past month it feels like I'm starting all over. In fairness to myself, I haven't brewed in a couple months so there hasn't been that much to blog about, but there were plenty of times where I meant to post something and got distracted. Funny how that happens around the holidays, especially when you have two kids.

Anyway, we did do a few beer-related things over the holidays. Most notably, we bottled some of our North Pole Export Christmas ale to give away as gifts. Why is this notable? Well, we actually used bottle wax for the first time (I thought it would make them look more fancy when I gave them to my bosses).

The process actually went pretty smoothly. I started by putting some wax beads in an old soup can, which I then heated in a double-boiler.

This took too long, so I removed the top pan and just heated the can in boiling water. That worked just fine. Once the wax was melted, I just dipped the bottle into the can (duh).

Since I was only doing about eight bottles, I didn't add a ton of wax beads to the can, which meant I didn't get as much wax covering the bottle as you see on most commercially-available waxed bottles. Nonetheless, I thought the finished product looked pretty cool:

Not bad for a first time, right?

Anyway, that's the first thing I was meaning to post over the holidays. Besides that, I have a whole bunch of tasting notes I need to post. Maybe I'll start knocking those out one a day. Ah, who am I kidding? That ain't gonna happen. But I will try to start posting more often (which is more than I can say for Brian over at the Daily Ikura or Señor Brew™ at Noble Square Brewing--yeah, I'm calling you guys out!). Here's to lots of great beer in 2010!


Blogger Brian said...

haha..interesting tactic sir.

I'll be back on it soon. The last post I had was after we met you folks down at Flosmoor..which means either: something so momumental happened that it shook me to my blogger core, or I got lazy and complacent with it.

..we may never know.

5:33 AM, January 07, 2010  

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