Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Updates on the Dunkel and upcoming competitions

First of all, began carbonating our Nimbostratus Dunkel yesterday. Right now it's at 15 PSI, but I'm thinking of upping it to 17, especially since it's at around freezing. Tasted it and everything seems fine, though it has that sharp bite that all of my beers seem to exhibit when they're young.

Second, it turns out my entries for the Cactus Challenge did not explode; they just didn't show up on time. Everything's fine, though. It was a problem with UPS (apparently the head of the competition had many problems with UPS this year) and my entries have been submitted. I also dropped off my entries for the Schooner competition, so now I just have to wait (both competitions take place the weekend of the 16th). No word from Sam Adams.

Next up is our S.O.B. ESB, which will be brewed tonight!


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