Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Weizenbock update

Leah and I bottled/conditioned the keg for Leah and Marta's Cloud-to-Ground Weizenbock today. Specifically, Leah bottled three bottles for the Queen of Beer competition (priming with 1 tsp. corn sugar per bottle), and then I added 1/2 cup corn sugar to the keg to naturally condition the rest.

I took a final gravity reading for the weizenbock. It settled at 1019, which gives us a final alcohol content of 6.1%. It's a little low for a weizenbock, but as noted in our brew day post below, Leah and Marta added a little too much water to the boil (due to bad advice from me) which resulted in a lower original gravity. So think of it either as a lighter weizenbock or a heavy-duty dunkelweizen. I guess it will be a tough call for them in deciding under which category to enter the beer.


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