Friday, December 22, 2006

Eis Eis Baby!

So the Upper Mississippi Mash-Out is coming up soon and it has a special category: "Eis-Anything!" (their exclamation point, not mine). Well, I had two gallons of hefeweizen left over from our Novemberfest party, and we just happened to have a nasty cold spell the first week of December here in Chicago. So I threw the keg outside and about a week later I pulled it in. My idea was to siphon out whatever was in there, put it in a couple tupperware containers, and ice it further in our garage freezer. Well, I broke through the ice with my siphon starter, and when I tried the iced beer, it was incredible! Strong banana aroma (which is interesting because the beer originally had more clove), nice alcoholic warmth, just enough bitterness (including a little bit of flavor hops) to balance out the concentrated sweetness of the beer. Unfortunately, I didn't have any bottles ready, so I siphoned into the tupperware containers even though I no longer planned on further icing the beer. Eventually I siphoned into a keg so I could keep it on CO2. We ended up with a gallon of Eisweizen from two gallons of Hefeweizen, so I'm estimating the alcohol content at around 8.5%. Here's hoping it does something at the Mash-Out!


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