Saturday, September 12, 2009

You had better do as you are told. You better listen to the radio.

As I mentioned last week, Steve and Sean from the Drinking & Writing Brewery (pictured right) were kind enough to have me on their monthly radio show this past Sunday to plug the HOPS! Oktoberfest party. You can now listen to the September show via podcast here. There's an awesome interview with Dan Carey of New Glarus Brewing as well as lots of other goodies, so check it out (this month and every month). And, if you're in Chicago--or will be on October 3rd--buy your tickets to the HOPS! Oktoberfest party here.

One funny anecdote from the interview. In between segments they always play songs, and with the show airing around Labor Day, this month's songs are work-themed. After the interview, Steve asked me if I could recommend any work-related songs. Being the music geek that I am, I started racking my brain and came up with a few initial suggestions ("Working Undercover for the Man" by They Might Be Giants, "Finest Work Song" by R.E.M. and "Move to Work" by Fine Young Cannibals). I then added, "my favorite band, Camper Van Beethoven, has a song called '(We Workers Do Not Understand) Modern Art' but it's kind of weird and it's an instrumental so I'm guessing it's not what you're looking for."

Fast forward to yesterday, when I leave my house for work and throw on my iPod, eager to hear how goofy I sound on the interview. What song does Steve play leading into the interview? "(We Workers Do Not Understand) Modern Art." I should have suspected as much.


Blogger Brian said...

love the program. On a recent flight to Florida (from IL) I knocked out the two recent episodes.

10:16 AM, September 18, 2009  

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